• AUG 14

    The Future of Mobile in Boston

    A panel discussion with representatives from LevelUp, Alpha Software, Raizlabs and the BlackBerry Developer Evangelists community kicked off with a simple question: where do you see the future of mobile heading? Tech in Motion Boston's Future of Mobile panel did their best to predict what's going to happen.
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  • AUG 08

    Kids, Music, and Entrepreneurship

    Co-founder of Pandora reminisces about his journey as the co-founder and CEO of Thrively, a website that helps children identify their strengths. Read on to see how Thrively uses similar principles to the Music Genome Project to match up kids with opportunities.
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  • JUL 16

    Recap: Startup to Success with Tech in Motion NYC

    Tech in Motion's Startup to Success Panel Discussion brought together some of New York's finest entrepreneurs to discuss how they achieved rock star status in the startup world. They even doled out some great tips about starting your own company and who the "right entrepreneur" is.
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  • JUL 08

    The Future of Mobile (Tech in Motion LA)

    Where would you like to see mobile go? Tech in Motion LA polled the audience of our Future of Mobile Panel Discussion, which was sponsored by BlackBerry. The panelists included senior developers from Urbanspoon, Beats by Dre, Microsoft and BlackBerry.
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  • JUL 03

    8 Great Pieces Of Startup Advice From 4 Silicon Valley Stars Under 30

    If you want to find out what it's like to run a fast-growing tech company in your twenties, look no further than Silicon Valley, where a 23-year-old introduces himself as CEO and no one bats an eye. Here are eight lessons that four honorees off the FORBES 30 under 30 list had to learn the hard way, gathered by Jeff Bercovici of Forbes.com at Tech in Motion Silicon Valley's last panel discussion.
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  • JUN 30

    Tech Talk with Lose It!

    Tech in Motion Boston took the time to sit down with Community Manager Whitney Klinkner of Lose It! to get the inside scoop on her company and the startup scene in Boston. If you didn't get to see them at the spring drinks and demos event, catch up on one of the companies the community is buzzing about right now.
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  • JUN 27

    Recap: New York's Spring into Networking and Tech Mixer

    Tech in Motion NYC gave members the opportunity to munch, meet, and mingle with 200 of NYC’s techies last month. Sponsor Microsoft showcased and demoed, MeetIE and handed out an Xbox One to a lucky attendee.
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  • JUN 25

    Back to the Future: Exploring Drones, Robots and Tesla with Tech in Motion OC

    Drones, robots and Tesla, oh my! For those curious about drones and DeLoreans, and not afraid of a little Super Soaker water fight, Tech in Motion OC hosted their biggest event to date, complete with high-flying drones and futuristic robots at Eureka Building's high tech outdoor venue.
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  • JUN 18

    Tech in Motion Boston Springs Forward: Demo & Drinks Recap

    Tech in Motion Boston hosted a Spring Forward Demo & Drinks event to showcase green tech and health tech innovations from four local companies. Bonus: we polled the attendees on green tech and health apps!
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  • JUN 17

    Lack of Engineering Talent: Is it the Geek Syndrome?

    A guest blog post from Griffin Caprio, CTO of Spartz Inc & Founder of the Chicago CTO Forum on the reasons for a lack of tech talent in Chicago and beyond. Come meet him and the other C-Level panelists at Tech in Motion: Chicago's June Meetup next week as they discuss how to hire a CTO or Technical Co-Founder.
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