• FEB 04

    7 of the Best Super Bowl Commercials From Tech Companies

    Super Bowl ads have historically been dominated by beverages and cars, but tech companies are making a bid to change that. In honor of technology taking over even the Super Bowl programming, here’s a preview of some Super Bowl 50 commercials from tech companies, and a few of the best from the past.
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  • FEB 03

    6 Apps to Help You Maintain Your Health & Fitness Goals

    Having trouble with your New Year Resolutions to be healthier? With the help of these mobile apps, you don’t have to look any further than the palm of your hands for help sticking to your health and fitness goals in 2016.
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  • JAN 27

    When Everything Becomes Data

    What is IoT really about? Senior Director at Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center, Jerome Dubreuil fills us in. "The Internet of Things is essentially a data platform. Let's keep this big picture in mind as we connect everything, so that we can build the next revolution of digital services..." So what does the future hold for IoT?
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  • JAN 06

    The Next Major Tech Convergence: Virtual, Augmented Reality

    The Captain of HTMLFusion thinks we're on the verge of a major new technical convergence that will change our world as dramatically as the emergence of smartphones did. Want to know why?
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  • DEC 23

    4 Mobile Ways to Give to Charity This Holiday

    With all the gifts, parties and shopping, it’s easy to forget that there are people around the world who can’t celebrate in the same way. However, thanks these groundbreaking companies, you can help those less fortunate all over the world right on your cell phone.
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  • DEC 09

    Want to launch an app? Buckle up, it can be a wild ride!

    Tech in Motion Toronto hosted an event that had everyone asking what starting a mobile app is really like. Tony Merlo of Carrot Pass broke down the questions founders should ask and challenges to be ready for.
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  • NOV 29

    Silicon Valley Tech Trivia, answers revealed!

    In what year was the first spam mail sent out? What woman was the first person to write a computer program? Find out if the Silicon Valley edition of tech trivia would have bested you and your team, or if you would have walked away with a prize.
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  • OCT 21

    Orange County & San Diego's Timmy Awards Winners Announced

    Tech in Motion Orange County hosted their inaugural Timmy Awards last week. The event recognized the top employers for technology professionals in the Orange County and San Diego areas. Winners and first-runner-ups were recognized at this event featuring live demos, networking, music and the awards ceremony.
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  • OCT 12

    8 Tech Companies That Will Revolutionize Your Life

    Not sure how to find an apartment? Can't find parking? Don't have a car? Don't want to get off the couch to change the TV channel? Everyday life is full of struggles, but tech companies in San Francisco are coming to the rescue. Check out these 8 tech startups that could revolutionize your life.
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  • SEP 15

    How to Win Big with (I)IoT, Industrial Analytics & Big Data

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a buzzword in just about every industry - including the industrial markets. Recent reports have proved that IoT can save a large percentage of costs for manufacturers. Just how much are you missing out on by not embracing (I)IoT?
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