• JAN 21

    Thinking Big: The Evolution of Tech Ed

    “If your parents can type and you can't code, you are taking your family backward..." Tech in Motion's speaker series on The Evolution of Tech Ed provided fresh perspectives on tech hiring based on skills alone, bootcamps and whether or not getting a degree is really necessary.
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  • JAN 13

    O data, where art thou?

    Of course you are in control of your own data … right? Well, not exactly. With every save, send, upload or terms of usage you agree to, you may be giving away control of your own data without even realizing it. Learn how to lock it up.
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  • JAN 12

    Happy Hour & Tech Talk: Email Privacy, Leaked Photos Take the Stage

    A happy hour and tech talk at Flickr's office space brought members out to talk about email privacy, credit card security breaches and leaked celebrity photos. Speakers included the Director of Privacy Policy at Yahoo, founder of KeepSafe; a Lead at CloudFlare and the Head of Solutions from CipherCloud.
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  • JAN 08

    Made in Toronto: A Demos and Drinks Event (VIDEO)

    Tech in Motion Toronto recently hosted a Demos & Drinks event to showcase the city's tech startups. From wearables to fashion and fitness, attendees got an insider look into companies making waves in the Toronto tech community.
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  • JAN 06

    How Secure Is Your Data?

    Tech in Motion LA's cyber-security panel agreed on just who should be responsible for your data security - and talked tools for protecting yourself. Get all the details from an avid Tech in Motion member who attended the discussion this winter.
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  • DEC 31

    Tech Talent, Legacy Industries and Cost of Entry: Talk From Those "Made in OC"

    Tech in Motion Ocean County's Made in OC Panel Discussion talked tech talent and startups - see who thinks there's no better time than now to start your own business: "When I started my career, to start a business you needed four loans. Now you just need your iPad and Starbucks WiFi."
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  • DEC 30

    DC Tech Titans Talk Entrepreneurship, Co-founders and the Power of No

    “Entrepreneurs are the only people on Friday or the weekend who say, ‘Whoa, wish it was Monday.’” Check out entrepreneurial advice from two DC tech titans and learn what the magical, most difficult word to learn is when running your startup.
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  • DEC 23

    Oktober Tech Fest Sparks Friendly Competition

    When was the first iPod sold? What does HTML stand for? Tech in Motion members answered these questions and more in an attempt to win the Tech Trivia winner honors - and the gift card prizes. Check out how it went and who won in San Francisco.
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  • DEC 16

    Leveling the Field by Leveling the Platform

    Wanna get a ride-share in a Tesla? Opoli, sponsor of LA's Fall Tech Mixer, has you covered. Here's some insight into Opoli's disruptive transportation app as the tech company shakes up the Los Angeles ride-share community.
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  • DEC 15

    Let's Get Social in San Francisco: Mixer Recap

    Tech in Motion San Francisco's summer mixer was all about live tweets and bringing social media connections to real life. Check out what you missed and plan to join hundreds of techies at the next mixer.
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