• JUN 24

    Disrupting the Payments Space with Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology

    Bitcoins and blockchain tech is disruptive in the payments space because it removes a lot of the fees and friction in the way money travels and is processed. When you can buy a hotdog on the street or a Coke at the gas station with Bitcoin - will you?
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  • MAY 01

    Connectivity of the Internet NYC: Tech Talk and Film Screening

    “There are people who live their whole lives without knowing that the internet exists” says the CEO and cofounder of Fourquare. 62.1% of the world has no access to the internet. Catch up on Dennis Crowley's talk on the implications of a connected world, and Tech in Motion's screening of WEB: A Human Right.
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  • APR 22

    Four Big Tips to Up the Quality of the Videos You Make

    Making quality videos yourself to promote your company is hard. Creative Director of Polygon Visuals has a few tips to make it less hard - and it may surprise you to hear sound is more important than lighting. Read on for four great ways to improve your video.
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  • APR 20

    Finding Success on Product Hunt: From Bond's Founder

    The founder of Bond talks about how Product Hunt helped his startup get to the next level and land on ABC News. He also shares the personal roots of how Bond began and what it can do for an increasingly more internet-connected, personally-disconnected society.
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  • APR 16

    Women Transforming Tech: Are there gender inequalities?

    An impressive panel representing Venmo, Squarespace and Verizon tackled a tough question: “Is ‘women in tech’ a real issue or a perceived one?” See what they had to say about that and what women can start doing more of.
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  • APR 15

    Sight and Sound Tech Unveiled: Demos with San Fran

    An evening of virtual reality: testing out Lightsabers, synced pairs of headphones, cinematic virtual reality tools and sensory tech with 3D output. Plus, a $100 giveaway from an organization that can deliver anything.
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  • APR 03

    Product Management: Startup vs Big Company

    Product Management from a giant to a startup: what they have in common, and what they don't - from an ex-Google and Twitter employee who's now working at a startup that delivers. Literally.
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  • APR 01

    Pebble Time vs. Apple Watch

    The Pebble Time vs. Apple Watch debate is heating up throughout the internet. Tech in Motion Orange County wearable consumers weigh in on what their top pick is, find out more in this blog.
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  • MAR 31

    Drinks & Data in San Francisco with Tech in Motion

    Tech in Motion talked data visualization in San Francisco with Joey Hobbs of Quid, Mikko Jarvenpaa of Infogram and Alex Salkever of Silk.co. Catch up on the event here.
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  • MAR 26

    Product Design Trends: The Future

    Looking for a turn signal glove, a flyable wearable camera, digital skin sensors and smart clothes? Look no further than Silicon Valley: A host of product design companies showed off their wares this spring and weighed in on the future of the industry.
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