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Tech in Motion Boston Springs Forward: Demo & Drinks Recap

Springtime is a time for new beginnings and Tech in Motion Boston chose to celebrate the warm weather by hosting a demo and drinks event centered around health and green tech. Techies from all across Boston gathered at MJ O’Connor’s on Tuesday, April 29th to network, drink and meet some great companies who were out showcasing their green and health technologies.  PavlokLose it!Sol Power, and Energy Harvesters came out for the evening to show off their goods.


After a brief networking session, the evening transitioned into our presentations. Pavlok presented a habit-forming bracelet, Lose It! is weight loss app, Sol Power offers charging stations and and Energy Harvesters allows users to charge mobile device batteries by walking.


All of the presenters had 5 minutes to demo their product to the audience.  It was great to see all of the companies feeding off of one another.  Energy Harvesters saw an opportunity to position themselves after Sol Power by saying “Well if you’re ever not near a charging station, you have one of your own.”  Similarly Maneesh Sethi, creator of Pavlok said that if you need help to Lose it! simply wear his habit forming device that will shock you if you miss a day at the gym.

At the conclusion of the demos the attendees rushed the tables to get a closer look. It didn't take long for Sol Power's charging station to fill up with various mobile devices needing a charge.

Tentatively we tried Pavlok on ourselves. The shock isn't as bad as one would think (think of it like a shock collar for dogs), but being shocked multiple times a day would definitely help break bad habits!

Lose It! had a lot of traffic at their table, after all they did bring some goodies along with them (tshirts, pint glasses, stickers) but according to one of our event coordinators, the app really does work!  She's been using it for a few weeks now and is already seeing great results.

Buzz about Energy Harvester's Walking Charger™ also filled the room, so it was clear that once the company can develop one for commercial use, they have at least 200 promised sales.


Tech Talk

We asked our techies two questions related to the event, “In what areas of Green Tech do you think Boston could benefit most from?” and “What is your dream fitness/health app?”  Here’s what they had to say!
“Green up that transport! Hybrid taxis, green buses, solar-powered T etc…” – Adam S.


“Something that integrates with your brain/nerve/health system.” – Felix F.


“Increased efficiency of water reclamation because the infrastructure under us is scarily old.” – Anonymous Attendee


“Gain it! Opposite of Loseit! I realize it’s a minority but I need help gaining weight!” – Paul G.

No surprise but our most popular app answer was one that would do all of the work for you - and apparently Boston needs to clean up its transportation system!

We had a great night hanging out with everyone as usual. Again we want to thank our sponsors Workbridge Associates and Jobspring Partners.  You can view all of the photos from the event on our Facebook page and check us out on MeetUp to see what's happening next!


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