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First Female Winner of "Best Technology Manager" at Inaugural Chicago Timmy Awards

First Annual Chicago Timmy Awards Recognizes The Region’s Best Technology Employers and Managers

timmy awards female manager winner Photo Credit: Greg Rothstein; 1871/Cloudspotter

At the First Annual Timmy Awards in Chicago, Tech in Motion acknowledged the region's top employers for technology professionals with a ceremony crowning the best work culture, technology managers, and startup leaders from a field of 30 impressive local finalists. Local community members submitted more than 200 nominations, and the finalists racked up 11,000 votes altogether. The winners included the first female “Best Technology Manager” in Timmy Awards history: Litha Ramirez, Director of Experience Strategy and Design at Breakthrough Technologies.

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"I want places and people to be the best they can. That's my job. It's also my job to provide my team with vision and goals to help the business drive forward, while making it fun," said Litha, in an article published on PRNewsire. "I work with an awesome group of people. When you work in the right environment, it makes a huge difference..."

The Timmy Awards strive to highlight IT managers, great work places and tech startups that contribute to the community in a meaningful way like Litha does. The hope is to continue to grow the community and help create a robust environment for technology companies (and professionals) to move, expand and choose to stay in Chicago.

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“These awards play a vital role in showcasing Chicago to graduates from top local schools like University of Chicago, Northwestern, or University of Illinois, who for so long would have moved to Boston, New York or the West Coast for technology jobs,” said Mandy Walker, Senior Marketing Manager of Tech in Motion. “We have amazing opportunities in Chicago, and these awards are so important because they recognize that. To build a great community, we have to keep our community.”

The 2015 Chicago Timmy Award Winners:

  • Chicago’s Best Technology Manager: Litha Ramirez, Director of Experience Strategy and Design at Breakthrough Technologies.

  • Chicago’s Best Technology Work Culture: InContext Solutions

  • Chicago’s Best Tech Startup: ShipBob

In addition to the aforementioned winners, many noteworthy finalists were recognized, including, Sprout Social, eSpark Learning and the Sun Times, to name a few. Produced by IT recruiting firms Workbridge Associates and Jobspring Partners, Tech in Motion aims to honor the best technology employers in Chicago on an annual basis at the Timmy Awards.

“We’re delighted to host the first annual Timmy Awards honoring Chicago’s best technology employers and managers of some of the most locally renowned companies,” said David Belsky, Chicago Regional Director of Tech in Motion producers Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates. “It is an honor to be involved in the first ever community event that honors the most attractive workplaces for technology professionals.”

The Timmy Awards first debuted in Boston in February 2015 and are being presented in tech hub cities across North America, including New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C. Winners have include innovators such as Venmo, Trip Advisor, Gilt, Constant Contact, Casper, and Instacart. Please visit for more information.

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