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7 VR Apps You Should Download | Behind the Scenes with Bottle Rocket

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a shot of bourbon? Well, you can experience that thanks to Bottle Rocket Studios's Jim Beam Virtual Reality experience, covered here on FortuneAt the Dallas Techweek Kickoff Party, you can get a hands-on look at Immersive Reality and what innovators like Bottle Rocket are doing - you can even get in for free on Monday, October 31st, just RSVP below.

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According to Forrester, the demand for VR technology and experiences is expected to increase nearly 16 times by the year 2020. The technology is ready to activate — from tether-less solutions like VR videos to fully immersive experiences that create a virtual world to explore.Bottle Rocket got together with some of the greatest minds in Virtual Reality to discuss current opportunities for brands and to answer key questions including:

  • How are brands primed for this technology right now?

  • What are the key successes of the platform to date, and how might brands start to capitalize on this success?

  • How has 360 video impacted the industry and what are some best practices for building great VR content?

See the results of this all star panel's discussion on Bottle Rocket's website here. Calvin Carter : Moderator, Founder & CEO, Bottle RocketPaul Bettner : Founder & CEO, PlayfuMatt Johnson : EVP Innovation, Bottle RocketLance Loesberg : CEO, Big Look 360, and Andy Mathis : Business Development & Partnerships, Oculus.

Need more VR? Scroll down to learn about and download some of Bottle Rocket's favorite VR experiences for your Google Cardboard or preferred VR viewer.

This article was re-purposed from the original post on BottleRocketStudios.com.


Star-Wars-VR-Google-CardboardStar Wars VR

Of course one of our favorite VR experiences is the new Star Wars App. With this VR experience, you’ll be able to look around Jakku, see yourself as a Storm Trooper and more!



Hyundai-VR-2Hyundai VR+

Hop in the driver seat of a Hyundai  Rally car, get a your own private tour of the interior of several vehicles, and learn more about Hyundai Motorsport.




This app features several 360 movies ranging from a test drive in a Mini Coup to a hot air balloon ride and a day in the life of individuals from across the world.



End Space VR

End Space VR’s crisp, colorful visuals and creative integration of the HUD in the cockpit makes this an easy choice for a top virtual reality experience. This is the only app on our list that is not free, but once you play it you’ll wonder why it doesn’t cost more.



Within – VR

There are a multitude of 360 video apps on the market, but Vrse is easy to use and allows you to download your favorites so you’re not stuck waiting to stream massive video files. It has a collection of concerts, music videos, and other experiences such as the NYT VR stories.



app-titans-of-space-2Titans of Space

Take a look at our solar system and more with this guided VR tour. You don’t have to watch it all once; simply back out of the app and resume the tour whenever you like.



Google Cardboard

You can’t have a list of top mobile VR apps without Google Cardboard. It's a great example of user experience in VR, and it features a lobby that allows you to watch 360 YouTube videos, download apps, and explore the world in VR.





Please join more than 500 of the Dallas tech community at the Kickoff Party: Behind the Scenes with Immersive reality. With VR apps like these, Virtual Reality Film Screenings, a tech-themed costume contest, drinks and great networking, this will be an event not to miss.


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